Hello Internets!

Welcome to this here blog.

To make a long story short, I am a gay lady.  I LOVE ladies, and I have lots of straight, gay, male, and female friends.  They are smart people, and I am a smart person as well.  So after asking many of my smart friends, I have decided to write this blog.

What is this about?  Well, a lot of my straight female friends seem to have lots of guy issues.  Seeing as I am an expert on ladies, both because I date them and AM a lady, I thought I’d try to help the straight guys out.

Here I will write posts on a wide range of topics – fashion, dating, general advice, and (of course), sex advice!  But how, you might ask, could a lesbian give straight MEN sex tips?  Well, think about it.  Who BETTER to ask what a lady likes than someone who is a lady that sleeps with ladies?

At some point, I’d like some feedback – emails, messages, questions – that sort of thing.  But that is an eventual goal.  Right now, I want you fellas to sit back and take in what I have to tell you about the girls, because, after all, I am a girl for the boys.