Awesome Out Actresses

Jane Lynch

Your favorite scary cheerleading coach is out, and I do believe she just got married awhile ago.  I love her.  She’s nothing but funny and she’s been in EVERYTHING – a ton of rad mockumentaries, The L Word (where she was awesome and got to rock lots of power suits), and of course, Glee.  She hosts award shows and is totally badass.  Seriously.

Kirsten Vangsness

Man, I love watching crime shows.  I especially love Criminal Minds, because they have HER!  Kirsten Vangsness is a really funny lady, plus she plays an awesome computer whiz/hacker type.  Her outfits make me smile and, if you google her, she dresses as flamboyantly in real life too!  AMAZING.  And there’s also this:

You can’t tell me that’s not awesome.  I mean, redhead, activist, attractive, glasses… COME ON.

Sara Gilbert

Yes, Darlene is gay.  And she is also dating Linda Perry which is pretty rad.  And she’s a pretty awesome human.  SERIOUSLY.  Is anyone else really glad she doesn’t dress like she did on Roseanne anymore?  I know I am.

Clementine Ford

Oh, favorite bit character on The L Word, also Cybil Shepard’s daughter, also AWESOME.  And hot, let’s not forget hot.  Just look at that lady.  There’s no way you can say she’s not hot.  If you do we’ll fight.

Alexandra Hedison

Sexy photographer who dated Ellen DeGeneres at one time.  Do I really need to elaborate?

Heather Matarazzo

Oh look, it’s everyone’s favorite awkward girl/plucky sidekick!  Also she had a probably-totally-gratuitous death scene in the second Hostel film. I love how well she nails the “best friend” role, and I really want her to be MY best friend (apologies to my actual best friends)

Portia deRossi/DeGeneres

Okay, if this woman isn’t simultaneously the hottest AND luckiest woman ever, then I am clearly in the wrong line of existence.  I love her, and I love her wife.  This is the only instance in which I would support polygamist marriage.  And I think that’s an okay thing.

Jenny Shimizu

Talk about your favorite gender-bender, Jenny Shimizu is totally mine.  She looks damn fine in a tux, plus she possibly may have theoretically allegedly dated Angelina Jolie.  So really, she’s pretty great.  She also models and does some other great stuff.


Slight obsession with her, GET OVER IT.  Apparently she’s also single, so I may have to start thinking of really good apologies to send my girlfriend.  And also start raising bail money for staying out of jail for stalking.  (Kidding!?)

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