Transphobia and You: Basics

So, Regis Philbin departed that one show he’s been on for like forever.  To fill in there have been some cool celebrities that people actually care about, like Neil Patrick Harris.  Apparently something happened where he was sucking helium and mentioned that he “sounds like a tranny” or something.

Why is this not okay?

Okay, brace yourselves.  It’s not okay in the same way saying “ni****” is not okay.  It’s not okay in the same way saying “faggot” is not okay.  It’s an offensive term and it’s hurtful and rude.  I don’t care if that guy with the mohawk on Glee says it a lot, or if you’re a friend of a trans* person or what, it’s not cool.

I have my own story about the word “tranny”, which demonstrates the only appropriate use of the term EVER.  I took a women’s studies class awhile ago (yes just one now HUSH), and I was talking about something being wrong with the transmission in my car.  I mentioned swapping out the “tranny fluid” and actually unfortunately, someone got really riled up until I explained the context.  (It is only appropriate to say “tranny” in abbreviation of the word “transmission”, as in “gear shifting thing in your car”.  REMEMBER THIS)

The thing is that I couldn’t understand what the problem was, because I didn’t know at the time that I was saying offensive things.  I know it now, and I’m trying to stay open to these learning moments, because there’s no point in making someone else’s life harder than it already is, right?  Right.

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If you have any questions there’s a wealth of resources on the internet.  Through a gloriously quick search I found a few things for you, it’s like I’m here to help you or something…. Anyway everyone, read some of these things and take it to heart that words actually cause a lot of harm sometimes, so think about what you say.

WordPress links:

Talk About Equality

Trans Femmergy

Other links:

The Transadvocate

GLAAD Media Reference Guide – Transgender Glossary of Terms


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