Lolsbian Link Dump

This post is practically Thanksgiving dessert in internet form, so read this before you all go into your mad turkey comas (or tofurkey, you blasphemers), I just thought I’d share some pretty neat things with you that have been making me giggle the past few days.  This will also provide you with some amusing stuff while you’re dealing with your super-fun family times for Thanksgiving.  And yeah, these are getting a little gay.  Do you KNOW what blog you’re reading?

First and foremost, Feminist Ryan Gosling.  Why?  Because it’s hilarious and I get a lot of these references (go read Gloria Anzaldua RIGHT NOW everyone).  And also, it’s Ryan Gosling, you know, that manly dude from The Notebook and Drive and Lars and the Real Girl…. Duh!  As far as tumblogs go it’s one of the funniest (and unfortunately a really short one, tragic!)

For those of you who are a little more broad-minded, or not interested in Ryan Gosling, we have Autostraddle!  The first time I found this site I was like “What is going on here?”  The answer is “everything”.  There’s lots of news and politics, but also nifty things like fashion and music.  Oh, did I forget there’s a ridiculous amount of hot ladies on this website?  AMAZING.

Alright so also on my list of giggle-worthy gay stuff (say that 5 times fast) is the one, the only, Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians.  I fully realize this supports a lot of stereotypes, so if that’s not your thing or that bothers you or whatever, don’t click the link.

Last but not least is the most confusing tumblog I have EVER scrolled through, Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber.  Why is it confusing?  Because SOMETIMES they put up pictures of the real Justin Bieber and I always go “Oh wow, that lesbian really does look like him!”  And then I facepalm.  My life, it is such a struggle.

Alright kiddies, I know I always say this but I have some stuff in the works for this weekend and this blog, because I have FREE TIME.  I’m going to be spending some free time ON YOU.  Don’t you feel special?  You should.  You should also feel totally more than free to ask some questions.  Ladies, you’re allowed to ask about weird dude behavior, too! GO NOW.  ASK ME ANYTHING.

Starbucks Stalkery and Other Observations

Do you like people-watching?  Oh man, I do.  I could do it all day.  I have done it all day.  But that’s another story, this is about what I’m doing right now.

The problem with having a lot of friends who enjoy staying out late on Friday nights is that, if you get into town early in the morning (say, 7 AM via bus), you’re pretty much on your own for awhile.  This isn’t so bad, because I know where I am and how to get to quite a few places.  However, it also is really cold and early so there’s not a lot to do.  Did I mention it’s cold?

Cleveland is really conveniently located on a huge lake (Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes), and the wind comes down off that lake, through the skyscraper-windtunnels, and everything is cold forever.  FROZEN CITY.  Seriously winters here pretty much suck worse than anything else.

The bright side is that the lady and I are huddled in a Starbucks, drinking warm coffee and sucking up free internets.  Because we can, and because it’s not a bus.  Oh, the bus…. Next time I’m making sure to buy plane tickets at least a month in advance.  There’s some really tasteful Christmas music playing; it’s the sort of oldies/standards that you hear every year, but sort of mellowed/prettied to the point where they’re almost unrecognizable.

I didn’t know until today that so many people come get coffee at Starbucks in full workout regalia.  Maybe that’s a Saturday morning thing, maybe it’s a Cleveland thing, maybe it’s a Starbucks thing.  I don’t know, I don’t usually go to Starbucks, much less hang out in them.  There’s an equal number of the business-clad crowd, and a few relatively casual humans drifting in and out too.  There’s even an adorable toddler girl in a green bunny hat with her dad.  They were playing with bubbles a minute ago.

What I’m really trying to say is that I wish I had bought plane tickets ages ago.  I really, really do regret that.  I think it would have been less stressful, both for the obvious lack of panic involved in planning this adventure, but also in terms of travel time.  We have to sit on buses for ages (seriously, spent about 10 hours on buses last night), and this completely eliminates the chance of doing anything on Sunday, because we have to make sure we catch a connecting bus so we can get home at some point because the lady has work Monday and I have school.

I’m really excited to be here seeing my friends, though, I just wish I had more time.  If you don’t want to turn out like me (JUST THIS ONCE), don’t do what I did.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


Wowser, I’ve been getting some attention from some pretty cool people the past couple days.  I’ve even been followed by a few different ladies!  (Don’t tell my girlfriend)

Seeing as how there are some girls paying attention here too, I should probably ask if you ladies have any dude problems.  I mean, I’m not a guy, but I do date ladies, so maybe if you have questions ABOUT your guy/a guy/something or whatever, I could answer it!


I’m just trying to prove that even though I’m gay, I can play both sides of the field.  Hurr, pun.

Travel Meltdown!



Okay, not really.  It’s more just a matter of procrastination.  All last week I was like, “Okay, let’s sit down and buy airline tickets!” because they were around $140 round-trip.  Only, on Friday night when the lady and I sat down to actually buy them (A WEEK before our trip was planned), we found out the hard way the prices had jumped to $290 EACH.

So now I have a moral for you.


We’re taking an overnight bus now, for relatively the same price as the lower-cost tickets, so that’s good that we can still go.  However, my procrastinate-y slip-up certainly qualifies as a major mistake.

I only live to serve as a warning to others, really.

Quality post with pictures coming up at some point this week, promise!

Travel Revelations

Have you ever tried to plan a trip with your significant other?  No?  Well you could, right now, and it could end up being pretty fun.  Or it could end up sucking, but I guess that’s up to you.

My ladyfriend and I are going to be voyaging to the super-not-sunny Cleveland Ohio, because that’s where I went to college and I still have friends there.  Now, in theory it shouldn’t be too difficult to save for and purchase tickets for the flight and then think about hotel reservations and such.  It’s simple, right?  Pretty much cut and dry, and really straightforward (can I use that word talking about lesbians?).

In reality, this can sometimes turn out to be like herding cats – theoretically easy but complicated in practice.  My dear, sweet girlfriend is a bit scatterbrained, and we’re both really busy.  So we’re 2 weeks out from the trip, and we have no plans.  WHAT DO WE DO?!?!?!!

I’ve made a little list for you, and this is totally going to be a boldly-titled list.

1. Know Your Sites

It’s scary buying airline tickets.  This stuff seems SO EXPENSIVE at the time, and if you add in all the fees you can think of (luggage, being fat, whatever), it can add up.  Fortunately there’s a ridiculous amount of online travel agencies there just for you, and not only can you see prices in big bright numbers, but arrival and departure times are usually pretty clearly marked as well.  Orbitz, Expedia, Hotwire, Travelocity, and Kayak are all pretty fabulous.

2. Survive the Airport

Airports are full of people who have to go places RIGHT NOW, and this is no truer anywhere else than in the security checkpoints.  People are SO ANGRY if you don’t have slip-on shoes and have belts with metal buckles, or have to try to organize your crap so you don’t lose any of it.  It’s stressful, and I know you’ve heard this a zillion times before but get there early and take your time doing your stuff.  This might sound like a dick move, and maybe it is, but I always think that those other people are in a big hurry because they didn’t plan well, and that it is in no way my fault they’re so grumpy.  Actually, I literally just found this post and it seems like an indispensable airport survival guide.

3. Don’t Go No Reservations

This might work for Anthony Bourdain, but I personally really enjoy knowing exactly where I need to go and when.  I loves me some schedules, whatever.  I don’t have a hotel reservation… Yet.  I will, though!  Why?  Partly because it seems weird and sketchy to show up somewhere at night and say “Hi, I want to pay you so I can sleep here!  Let’s do this!”  But also because if they’re full up, we’re totally screwed (in the bad way).

4. Foraging Tips

Fortunately for me, we’re going to a familiar city.  I know where some cool restaurants are, and I know enough about it to be able to get around with minimal problems (hey Cleveland RTA, I’m talking to YOU).  If you’re going somewhere new, do some Googling ahead of time and find some neat places vaguely close to the hotel you’ll be staying in – this is not rocket science.  You could also look for places within half an hour or so of where you’re staying, because a short jaunt here and there means sightseeing and discovery, and that is always fun in new cities!

5. Don’t forget a toothbrush

No, really, don’t forget one.  There’s nothing weirder than waking up in a strange room and having sour morning mouth FOR THE WHOLE TRIP.