What the HELL?

Okay, I’m bringing this to you, the masses (by which I mean the half-dozen dudes I know who read this) because I don’t get it.

The past couple weeks, specifically this week, have been FULL of the LGBT hate.  WHY?!

First and foremost, stop ripping on Chaz Bono.  Yes, he looks different from you, but seriously he’s doing a few things most folks I know would NEVER consider.  The first of this is dancing on TV while being a larger person who is clearly NOT a dancer.  Look at him being brave right there.  The second thing?  He knows the bile people spew about him being trans, I’m sure he’s aware people refer to him as “it” instead of “he” (which is just freaking RUDE, guys, come ON), and you know what?  He’s not crying about it.  He’s going to keep doing what he’s doing because that’s how he keeps winning.  If that’s not a positive role model, I don’t know what is.  Someone who can face that much and that kind of adversity and still keep going?  Kickass.  Mr Bono, you’re one of my newest heroes.  Thank you.

Second, Southwest Airlines has gone and screwed up.  If you’ve ever heard of The L Word or watched it, you might know who Leisha Hailey is.  Or you might not, whatever.  The point is that not only is she totally hot and awesome and talented, she got thrown off a flight recently.  Why?  Because she kissed the girl she was with.  Having read the airline’s statement, plus what the flight attendant told them (that this was a “family airline”), I’m kind of at the end of my rope with this.  Getting thrown off a plane because you show affection for the person you love?  How many straight couples get to smooch without fear of such repercussions?  Anyway, Ms. Hailey and Camila Grey released a statement you can read here.

Finally the most disturbing of the three events that are bugging me right now.  Jamey Rodemeyer.  This poor kid, at age 14, is dead.  He took his own life after bullying got to be too much for him at school.  He made a video for the “It Gets Better” project and unfortunately it wasn’t enough.  Lady Gaga is now trying to fight for anti-bullying legislation from President Obama.  But, what gets me about this whole thing is that now the bullies are starting to go after Jamey’s little sister.  Seriously?  This poor girl just lost her brother because of these ignorant pukes and now they’re making matters worse.  When is this going to end?

I want you all to take a step back and think about how what you say, how you refer to someone, how you talk about someone to other people, can influence their lives.  Just start thinking before you speak.  Decide if what you have to say is at all offensive.  And be CAREFUL.  Words can hurt even the bravest of us.

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