Hey Dudes

Okay guys, this one’s a special post, from me to you.  I’m gonna start this out by keeping it really, really simple.

If a lady politely declines to give you her phone number, do NOT keep haranguing her for it.  There’s an “especially” clause, where you don’t keep bugging her ESPECIALLY if she’s at her job.

Yeah, this happened.  Want the full story?  Well, okay.

Courtesy of my awesome girlfriend, I know a thing or two about computers.  I’m still nowhere near being an expert, but I was able to answer some questions for a nice dude who came into the store where I worked.  He asked about a desktop computer we were selling, I answered his questions to the best of my ability.

Somehow he got the very wrong idea, and has been coming into the store every few days.  He’s a really, really nice dude but he always gives me the “Hey how’s it going can I have your number?” routine.  One day he came in and I was kneeling on the floor picking up some… I don’t even know, some whatever, and he grabbed my shoulder in a way that was wayyyyy too familiar for some random cashier and customer interaction.

Anyway that’s my really anticlimactic story.

Back to the point.  Guys, when a girl doesn’t want to give you her number, it’s not a personal thing.  She might just be uncomfortable giving out contact info.  Don’t act like a douchebag if she rejects your offer of a phone number.  Be cool about it, shrug it off, and move on.

ETA: Even more importantly, don’t be freaking creepy about it.  Don’t come to where she works all the time just to see her unless you’ve introduced yourself and moved past the initial stages of getting to know a person.

You know what?  I just might have to start asking people about how they deal with these things, and if there’s a way to counter them…. Hmm..

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