Making It Work

My ladyfriend and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary yesterday.  It’s been quite the ride.  But really, now I am thinking, “Holy crap, where has the time gone?”  And also, “How did I manage to keep this relationship together for this long?”

In case you were wondering what this actually has to do with the whole “giving guys advice” part of this blog, fear not!  Here we go!  I have a pretty simple relationship philosophy: don’t be an asshat.  It works out pretty well.  Actually listening to her when she talks, caring about her interests, trying new things just for her, gift- and card-giving; these are all covered under this rule.  It also helps if you can suppress the urge to roll your eyes or say, “That’s nice, dear”.

In my experience, when you make even the smallest effort, women pick up on that.  Like, they have effort-radar and the tiniest blip makes them think, “THIS IS A GOOD PERSON TO KEEP AROUND!”  Seriously.  It’s a little-known fact that there is a part of a woman’s brain that looks like a surveillance radar, and its sole purpose is to track the effort being made by people around them.  No joke.

I’m not saying you have to go out and buy a chick flowers or chocolates or cards or cars or whatever you can afford.  I’m not even saying you have to give anyone anything.  A genuine, sincere compliment will get you MILES further than a contrived gift.

I’d like to point out, while I’m at it, that using these kind of tactics and NOT being a douchebag about them will get you laid.  This is in no way a guarantee, but you can be a nice dude and still get some.  Honestly, being nice to girls means they will think about you, and how nice you were.  It also means that you’re probably more likely to get a “yes” response when you ask for a second date.  I’m totally more interested, and more likely to remember, positive, conscientious behavior than boorish, drunken antics.

What I am trying to say is that they key to getting a girl’s attention, and the key to keeping it, is being a good person.   Be the person you think she deserves.  And then, try to be better.

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